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Подслушал серьезный разговор двух кодеров:

- Надо сделать рубрикатор компаний таким образом, чтобы юзер набирал "ремонт велосипедов" и получал на выходе ремонт велосипедов.
- Хмм, да! Это будет очень инновационно, молодец!

Мне иногда кажется, что они все из другого измерения.

Не подвел итоги - подвел себя!


WTF of the year: Enigma - Seven Lives (download)
Wakeup song of the year: Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care (download)
Lovesong of the year: Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You (download) (from Juno Soundtrack)
Musical revelation of the year: The Rocket Summer
All-nighter song of the year: Jack Wall, Sam Hulick - Faunts (download)
Comeback of the year: Metallica
'Everything is gonna be alright' song of the year: Jim Noir - My Patch (download)
Song of the year: Snow Patrol - What if the Storm Ends? (download)

TV shows

Personal fave of the year: The Big Bang Theory
Unexpected jewel of the year: Californication
'Gets better every season' show of the year: 24


Dud of the year: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
LMAO of the year: Tropic Thunder
Best movie no one watched: Son of Rambow
Movie of the year: Iron Man


Most used service besides Google Reader: Metacritic
Most closely watched project of the year: Kluster
Blawg of the year: Signal vs Noise
Meme of the year: Lolcats (somehow evaded Russia)
Disappointment of the year: & tanked
Surprise of the year: pretty decent works by Knock Knock and Turbomilk
Most promising announced project of the year: KommandCore


Book of the Year: Watching the English by Kate Fox (thank you magical_lotion)
Experience of the year: the Skillo rollercoaster
Comic strip of the year: Daisy Owl
Wet dream of the year: 2009 Yamaha VMAX
Car of the year: WRX STI
Pet peeve of the year: the Crisistalk all over the place
Uncontrolled-dopamine-release event of the year: Barack FTW

Издевательства над Final Cut

Смело нарушил корпоративные гайдлайны и сделал собственный вариант канонического видео - с музычкой. :)
Final Cut Pro - классный, но мой Макбук каждый раз устало кряхтит под его весом.
По клику доступен high quality!